Monday, August 20, 2012

Todd Akin has gone into hiding

This morning I decided to while away some time. So I called Todd Akin's capitol hill office. Af first I misdialed and got into the office of one of the long suffering Democrats in DC. The phone was answered by a sweet voiced female staffer who told me very politiely and with an obvious smile that came through the phone line quite clearly that she was not employed by Akin. She then gave me his office number and transferred me.  Akin's capitol office was answered immediately by voicemail. It went through its normal speech about how important my call is to them and gave me several different options...everything seemingly designed so that congress critter and his staff won't actually have to deal real people. I elected to leave a voicemail in reply and was informed by 'The System" that the good critter's mail box was full. I then started calling his district offices and found that all his phones were answered by voice mail. There was no opportunity  to leave a message for him and I was abruptly cut off by the voice mail systems in both his district offices. They did however tell me how important my call was to them. That really made my day.
Next I sought help and assistance from Speaker Boehner's office and told the  young man who answered the phone in the Speaker's office that I had been making many phone calls this morning to Akin's offices and his voicemail boxes were full and I wondered if Speaker Boehner would take a message for him.  That young man  told me politiely and with the barest hint of a giggle in his voice that he imagined Akin was getting lots of phone calls this morning but sadly the Speaker couldn't take a message for him.
Perhaps my own congress critter, John Campbell,will be of help....."hello Congressman Campbell?  Could you take a message for Todd Akin for me..?"
Now of course I am having visions of darkened and barricaded congressional offices with the congress critter hiding behind his desk surrounded by his staff.

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