Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Post SOTU Letter to My Congress Critter--Mimi Walters

Dear Representative Walters:

First I must extend to you my congratulations on your election to and service in the 114th Congress of the United States. I hope you serve well and honorably and do well by your constituents and by the Nation.
I watched the SOTU last night and I was impressed not just with the President's presentation but also by the dignity exhibited by your caucus. Your Members were for the most part dignified and pretty well behaved given their behavior in recent prior years.
What I am bothered about is that the Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader have taken upon themselves to wander off into the political territory generally occupied by Article 2 of our Constitution e
xecuting the powers of the Executive. I fully understand that the House and the Senate exercise lawful control over the Hill and it is within its rights to invite whomever it wishes to invite to speak to it. However such invitations should have at least some governmental and public purpose to them and the consequent disruption of their primary purpose, providing for the legislative governance of the Nation. The invitation extended to the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamen Netanyahu seems totally devoid of any public purpose or to accomplish anything of benefit given the duty of the Congress to work towards not only protecting the “state of the union” but also furthering the Founders' purpose of ensuring a “more perfect” one.
Mr. Netanyahu is regarded by many intelligent and thoughtful people both in and outside government to be a terrorist and a practitioner of state sanctioned terrorism. One only needs to recall the events between Israel and Gaza during the past year to recall acts of barbarism and terrorism on his part.
For Mr. Boehner and Mr. McConnell to invite Netanyahu to address the Congress for no good reason other than to embarrass the President of the United States is truly beyond the pale constitutionally and gives at least tacit support to the wrongful acts of Israel and its prime minister. I urge you to publicly disavow the action of your leaders.


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