Monday, June 17, 2013

US Senate Skips Town for Fathers' Day Gfits

By law the Congress is charged as the lawgivers in our Nation with overseeing the operations of the the executive branch of government. This includes our national security infrastructure including the National Security Agency (NSA) that is busy turning our Nation into a textbook example of the national security state.
On Thursday last only days after Edward Snowden released documents showing the existence of the PRISM program at the NSA that indiscriminately vacuums up incredible amounts of what is called metadata from the phone calls, emails and Internet site visits of ordinary Americans the NSA held a classified briefing for the entire membership of the US Senate in a secure room in the basement of the US Capitol building. This was reported in The Hill which is a smallish circulation newspaper that reports mostly on goings on in the Government of the US.
What made this article unusual and worthy of note is that more than half of the membership of the Senate decided they would skip that briefing. That's right you read it correctly 53 members of the senate balanced their duty to oversee the structure of the national security state that has been created since the attack on the US by foreign nationals against their desires to get home early for the Fathers' Day weekend and the weekend won..
What really frosts my butt about this story is that the identities of the members who chose to get home early in order to be on time to receive their Fathers' Day gifts and accolades were secret and their names not disclosed to The Hill. Apparently the gift-receiving culture of our national politics was more important to them than doing the jobs they were elected or in some cases appointed to do. What gives here? Has the US Senate just blown us off big time?!

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