Monday, July 18, 2016

Along the Banks of the Cayahoga

Well it’s the month of July in the quadrennial leap year again and that means old white men and their obedient blue-haired mates in tennis shoes are gathering along the banks of the Cayahoga River to select their candidate for president to lead us into the 17th century once again.
You remember the Cayahoga River. It caught fire in 1969 from the pollutants and industrial waste it was carrying off to Lake Erie. Nothing but scum lived in the Cayahoga River. That fire on that river was one the major reasons the Congress and Richard Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. People demanded it and the Congress complied. The river now supports a healthy eco-system thanks to the EPA
Now that the fire has been put out and only places like Flint Michigan have flammable domestic water systems the GOP can see no reason not to terminate the EPA. It gets in the way of what the one percent want to do. I can understand their reasoning: if it works get rid of it. Once it’s gone they can show what a lousy failure the remaining government agencies are. Soon you will be able to drown government in Donald’s gilded bathtub.
Speaking of Donald he has spent the weekend deciding things like the name of his veep and then getting his panties all a twist when he had buyers’ remorse and started making calls to his advisers. That was leaked to us. At about the same the campaign introduced his new TP logo and then, forgetting that the internet is forever, tried to scrub it from the internet. Finally there was the Leslie Stahl interview. What says “let them eat cake” more eloquently than two old white guys sitting on a pair of faux gilded Louis XIV chairs telling the world how they are going to “make America great again”? The comedy channel would do well to consider gavel to gavel coverage of the convention.

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