Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ginsburg vs Trump

A massive explosion has torn across the political landscape. Flash flood warnings are posted. Surfers have been recalled from the surf because of tsunami warnings. Red flags are everywhere. Old Glory is permanently at half mast. Schools are on lock down and defensively we are at DefCon 3.
Notorious RBG has spoken aloud about Donald Trump and his qualifications to be president of the United States. She called the Donald a fake. She wasn’t clever about it. She didn’t use a euphemism for the word. She didn’t write in magnificent prose. She was plain spoken and actually used the word. She called him a fake. Donald was butt hurt. Donald newly proclaimed a fake by Justice Ginsburg was righteously angry and with his mane flying immediately and painfully sent off a “You’re Fired” tweet, a demand for her resignation. Donald’s choir tiaraed regally under memed baseball caps took up the refrain and also called for her immediate resignation from SCOTUS. The cacophony was deafening.
This entire affair is a nonsensical tempest in a tea pot and has been exaggerated beyond all rational inquiry and belief. The noises you have heard from pundits both qualified and unqualified alike are just the sounds made by any bovine when producing what Virgil would call cacas tauri. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Justice Ginsburg is an American citizen exercising her constitutional rights in America’s favorite season, a presidential election year. She’s also a member of America’s court of last resort but she doesn’t forfeit her own civil rights to sit on that court. She is supposed to be impartial not about political candidates (remember Bush vs Gore) but about the matters presented to her for decision until called upon to decide the matter presented. If judges were required to be totally impartial throughout a case then nothing would ever be decided.
As far as I know Trump has nothing pending before her so there is nothing for her to be impartial about. Until that changes he has no cause for complaint against her. He’s just another old white guy trying to continue to run things and pull levers for his own benefit.
This is such a silly season.

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