Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Durval.

November 19th would be his 60th birthday. He was my spring and the first savior of my life and he died in my arms on a warm evening on the last day of spring in 1990. He devoted the ten years of our lives together to me in all things. It will always have been my great privilege and perhaps my ultimate calling to have been his Simon Cyrene. At his side I learned so much about life, love, living and loving.

I leave my thoughts, my laughter,
my dreams
to you whom I have treasured
beyond gold and precious gems.

Fear not nor grieve at my departure,
you whom I have loved so much,
for my roots and yours
are forever intertwined. --Edward Hays

Hopefully I learned enough from him that I will always treat the people whom it is my privilege to love now with the same love and respect that he treated me up until his last breath. Need I say that there is a vast space in my heart filled with everything that I learned from him I miss him so very much.

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