Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Thoughts on the 2012 Election.

For those of you who are wondering why I have been silent about the results of our 2012 election I can only say that my silence is simply because I haven't until now figured out what to say about it. It was most interesting for sure both in its results and its implications for the future of the GOP both here in California and nationally to say nothing of its implications for freedom in America. It has huge implications for the future of our Nation and for the sacred obligation of its citizens to create a 'more perfect union' as expressed in the preamble to our Constitution. I discovered a most interesting article this morning in the Prospect written by Harold Meyerson entitled the Future of the White Man's Party. I encourage everyone to read it. It is an eyeopener and it is based on those things called facts that the GOP stubbornly refuses to acknowledge exist.
I remember the night four years ago that Barack Obama was elected. The sheer joy that ran through the Nation and buoyed the progressive population was simply electric. There was finally hope for our people. Hope for our Nation. I was so excited by that election that I half expected sparks to fly when I reached out to touch anything. Finally it appeared that America had outdone itself and was beginning to put its racist and genocidal past (yes racist and genocidal) to rest in a potter's field and there would soon be closure. We had finally turned the corner. I should have realized that that was not true and that I was being very naive. it was merely a repaired section in the bumpy road to the democratization of the Nation. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) quickly announced that it was the intention of the GOP in the Senate to make sure Obama would be a one term president, some sort of political fluke. The Dems in the House which they had controlled since 2006 were dominated by Blue Dogs and even though they had elected a 'San Francisco liberal' to be Speaker were scared of their own shadows and fearful of rocking the boat they were partying aboard and every time one of the GOP barked they jumped and looked over their shoulders in fear for their careers. They complained openly that they had to be very scared because if they got turned out they couldn't help Obama and everything went downhill from there. They forgot the words of Franklin Roosevelt in the darkest days of the Great Depression that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. The GOP caucus in the Senate objected to everything the inexperienced president proposed and much of President Obama's Hope Agenda was stalled and starved in that body. Each and every member of the GOP caucus in the Senate had to approve of every item, seemingly even bathroom breaks, or the modern day equivalent of the filibuster broke out. After 2010 the House buried every piece of progressive legislation. If by chance something got passed by the House it got filibustered to death in the Senate. Barack Obama's legislative successes were few and were earned by the sweat and tears of the president, his staff and few progressives both in and outside of government.
As the just finished election cycle wore on the GOP and their anonymous financiers invented potential scandal and controversies out of nothingness and offered it up to the American people. They posited serial incredible ancient conspiracies dating back almost fifty years to a have a 'poo' black child from Kenya' elected President of the US. They dreamed up incredible nightmarish situations some of their spokesmen and intellectual leaders fueled by oxycontin addictions denigrated this man as 'one of them' in a cosmic battle between “us and them”. They sent racist emails around the globe arguing that they weren't racist but that they were 'only jokes'. They allied themselves with fundamental religionists who believe that the Bible was written by the hand of god and that every single thing in it was true, even the contradictory parts. They called him a Muslim because we hated Muslims and then some of the same people with straight faces called him an atheist because we hated atheists. He was a socialist. He was a communist. He was whatever we hated the most on any given day. A few even tried to call him a homosexual. They did everything they could to destroy this man and his presidency. American politics engineered by BSCs became very ugly. Then the campaign for the soul of America got into high gear and everything got worse. Lies were told and those lies were picked up by the organs of hate and were retold and retold again until they became true in the minds of people susceptible to being lied to. State legislatures in the so-called swing states that had been captured in the 2010 election enacted laws to make it more difficult for people to vote that acted disproportionately upon people, mostly of color, who tended to vote as Democrats. They cut back on innovative ways to increase citizen participation in the electoral process such as early voting and voting by mail. They installed defective voting machines in precincts that tended to vote democratic. Not all those machines were defective just a few. They set about to steal another election like they did in 2000 and then again in 2004. Their agents in such sterling hate groups and the National Organization for Marriage and the Family Research Council screamed to anyone who would listen their crazed idea that marriage needs to be restricted to only good heterosexual people and that unless it was so limited those nasty evil homosexuals would be on their way to your city, your neighborhood intent on breaking up your marriage and courting and marrying your son or your daughter. This was their great wedge issue designed to bring out huge hordes of BSCs from the woodwork like so many voracious termites to vote against their own interests and to put the GOP back in total control of my government and to control the judiciary for decades to come. They even involved the US Conference of Catholic Bishops who to a man bemoaned that mandating coverage for family planning in the AHA was somehow depriving those medieval lords of their right to practice their religion.
Finally America got through what Joe Biden called malarkey and I call bullshit and election day dawned and America voted. The result of that election was earthshaking. Barack Obama won a majority in the popular vote and is poised to earn 62% of the electoral college vote when Florida gets its malarkey together and finally finishes counting votes cast in the democratic counties such as Miami-Dade. The GOP spinmeisters and its chief propaganda organs such as Fox News called it a squeaky win instead of what it really was, a landslide.
The President's coattails extended far and wide and the BSCs such as Todd Akin in Missouri a man totally ignorant of human biology was defeated, Richard Mourdock who asserted that pregnancies resulting from rape were “God's will” were defeated and sent packing. Both Connie Mack in Florida and his wife Mary Bono Mack in California were sent packing. The Democrats increased their membership in the Senate and are now in a position to finally end the filibuster in the Senate and restore that body to a majoritarian body as intended by the drafters of our Constitution. No one expected the Democrats to increase their membership in the House but they did and I suspect but for the evil of gerrymandering after the 2010 census would have taken over the House.
In California after reapportionment by a citizens' commission the Democrats prevailed in legislative elections so that that come the new legislative session they will have super majorities in both the Assembly and the State Senate. If other states had reapportionment by similar citizens' commissions free of partisan influence and incumbent protection I suspect the Dems would have taken over the house and retired the likes of John Boehner and Eric Cantor and yes even Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann.
Perhaps the most astounding change in the last four years has been in the area of civil rights. For the first time in history marriage equality has been enacted by popular vote. Not just in one state but in four states: Maine, Minnesota, Maryland and Washington. Massachusetts has become the 18th state in the union to allow marijuana use for medical purposes and in two states, Colorado and Washington, marijuana has been legalized for recreational use. As Bob Dylan intoned so many years ago “the times they are a changin.”
People power is alive and well in America. And no, Mr. Romney, corporations are not people.

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