Monday, November 5, 2012

More Big Time Politic$ Goes Country

I went down to the local eatery this morning to have breakfast and schmooze with some of my neighbors and on the way stopped at the post office and picked up my mail. Among the offerings in my box was a really nasty personal and anonymous attack piece that has to take some kind of award for dirty personalized and corrupt political offerings mailed at the last moment in the hope that it will turn the election at a time when it is too late for anyone to counter lies and half truths contained in it. I have previously written about the expensive multi color brochure that they mailed to the voters of this district. This district has when I last checked two weeks ago 1219 registered voters. You can read my rant here.
As is true of many political pieces it urged the recipient to vote and even begged the recipient to “PLEASE VOTE” in upper case bolded font. It then offered a ballot. A fake ballot which listed only one candidate: Chay Peterson in a bolded font next to an unchecked box. Below that there was another box checked in red ink and associated with the legend “ANYBODY ELSE”. Keep in mind that there are four other names on the real ballot
To the left of the fake ballot was a list of six grievances expressed by the unnamed coward who mailed this piece of crap. All of which offenses had been going on according to the cowardly author “for years” claiming that not Chay but “obstructive organizations” again in bolded font “have controlled the canyon voice” as though this so-called canyon voice was the voice of god herself and then listed the grievances/accomplishments of those 'obstructive organizations' and faulted them for many things. For not adding one square foot of parkland 'for our future.' Talk about meaningless buzz words. It accused those same unidentified organizations of closing our local school--even though that school the last time I checked had been closed by the local school board (if by local you mean downtown) and claimed in conclusionary language that those organizations were obstructing 'community collaboration' and that they depressed home values by 'fighting reasonable and responsible use of privately held properties.' As though voicing and working against fake wineries, weekend wedding chapels along Santiago Canyon road and the coming to town of monasteries and private schools to educate the rich and powerful along with the concomitant overburdening of our existing infrastructure somehow made my residence and those of my neighbors less valuable. They claim those organizations have polarized the community. Well if the cowardly author looked around him he would find polarization has become a way of life in this community, this county, this state and this Nation. Polarization was not invented by those shadowy 'obstructive organizations' he claims exist in this community. Our cowardly author claims that the same groups have destroyed relationships with unspecified governmental agencies in characteristically unspecified ways. Again with no facts alleged and certainly none proven.
The kicker in this fetid piece of political malarkey as Joe Biden would call it was in the penultimate complaint that they “have disrespected our elected officials.” Oh boy! Since when has it been disrespectful to tell the truth or the perceived truth about someone elected to public office? Since when is political criticism un-American? Since when is it sinful politically to call out an elected official who is corrupt or the tool of special interests? Or simply terminally stupid. So based on this nonsense, malarkey and political BS the unnamed and cowardly author of this hit piece urges its recipients to vote for “anybody else” anyone but Chay Peterson.
Everyone in this Nation is entitled to speak his or her mind, to hold and to express his or her opinion well taken and well reasoned or not but in my view if you want to express an opinion you should have the cojones to stand up in the light of day and sign your name to it. Own it people, own it.

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