Sunday, October 18, 2009

Food, Processed Food, and Other Poisons

This morning as I was mourning my awakening by my 'roommate', Rupert over a first cup of very good coffee and wandering through Google News I stumbled upon this article in the Denver Post.  I read it and thought about it and had another cup of coffee and then decided that I would send it around to various people I know, most of whom have been collected over the last half century.  When I was  preparing to send it on, I wondered what the hell is going on?  I wondered what on earth the 'zoning issues' mentioned in the article could possibly be in areas of the Nation and its urban cancer-cores unserved by traditional (as of the mid to late 20th century) paradigm of food distribution.  I am still wondering about the political question.  I didn't know much, in fact I know practically nothing,  about this process of 'aquaponics' but apparently it's a very simple self contained process for growing high quality fresh unmodified (hopefully) fruits and veggies and other good stuff l in places starved for fruits, veggies and fresh fish (read protein)  e.g., damn-near everywhere in America and particularly in America's marginalized and poverty-stricken inner cities.    The area in Denver where this abandoned green house (pictured in the article) is located does not have food outlets other than are found in convenience  stores and liquor stores and the like, where the chief items of sale are beer, wine, booze and cigarettes, those narcotizing and anesthetizing drugs sold to Americans 'living' on the underside of the pile of humanity in order  to keep them quiet.  I wondered how many fast food franchises are found in that area of Denver and similar areas of our cities.  I don't know the answer but  I am going to snoop and look around and see what Doctor Google  and his applications like Google Earth can tel lme.  I will report back.  People on my email list to whom I sent the  Denver Post link responded in droves (for me) and spoke of the historical destruction of American cities, the destruction of fresh, healthful food outlets in the inner cities and with more links to articles on aquaponics (and at least one offer to let me help).  You grow fresh fruits and vegetables and fish. The fish eat, defecate, breed and their waste feeds your veggies and share the aqueous environment with your growing produce and fruits. I bet you can even use the water to irrigate root veggies that are hard to grow hydroponically.You eat the fish and fruits and veggies which have grown strong and healthily and everything replenishes itself and hopefully you  and your children grow strong and healthy and not obese and diabetic 'living' off poisoned and mercury laden fish (available locally at your nearest Corporate Grocer) and genetically altered fruits and veggies and  grease burgers and grease-fried potato-products and cheese food found in fast food joints across America, all while watching the dumb-downed shows on that Great Wasteland referred to by Newton Minnow in the early days of the Kennedy Administration.  You can read more here, here, and here.  If I were to do this, and I am seriously considering doing it and I end up with a surplus of fruits and veggies and fish, I bet I could trade some for chickens (hopefully pre-butchered) and eggs and maybe even home-baked bread (or tortillas). Just think of the great salsa that can be made from this stuff!
The late Speaker of the House of Representative, Tip O'Neill, himself from the central core of one of America's great but rotting cities, Boston, said that all politics is local.  He was right.  He would also agree, I am sure, with the current mantra to think locally and act globally.

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