Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Great Speech!

  The President gave another Great Speech.  You would almost think he was Candidate Obama again!  Perhaps he is Candidate Obama, and the Great Speech was his opening salvo for his re-election bid in 2012. If the GOP can use wedge issues to win elections by electrifying its base, why can't Mr. Obama?
  My neighbor stopped by last night both to visit my cat and to tell me how impressed she was with the  Speech. I hope she wasn't too let down when I let the air out of her tires by asking if he had announced he was going to use his power under the law to stop the continuing discharge of patriotic soldiers, sailors, airmen and yes marines while he is pondering how many, if any, more troops he's going to send to fight, bleed and die in Afghanistan.  I was exceedingly underwhelmed by the reiterated 2008 promises.  There is no doubt that the man can talk the walk but seems totally unable to walk the talk. There really is nothing to be seen here, folks, move on. You can come back and tell me when actually does something that resembles walking the talk.

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