Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let the Democrats Enforce Party Discipine!

  I listened last night to part of Keith Olbermann's very personal special comment on healthcare in America.  It was pretty impressive and very personal.  But he is absolutely correct, Americans are in servitude to the health insurance industry and apparently the health insurance industry owns the Senate of the United States outright.  It is time for Americans tio do something to cast off the shackles of servitude imposed by their masters.  Keith is right, premium strike would not work. For the simple reason that if Master cancels your insurance for non-payment  and then it's reinstated later you are saddled with the yoke of a pre-existing condition and you are franky "shit out of luck" as they say in my part of the woods.  The only way besides the traveling Free Clinic which sets up shop each week the capital city of each of the Blue Dog Democrats to shame them into supporting real health care reform, is to pester the senate leadership and the democratic caucus to understand that health care reform is the most important thing in America and to let them know shaply, frankly and loudly that any senator votes no on cloture on the coming GOP filibuster of real health care reform will lose his or her positions in the senate leadership and by this I mean they will lose the chairmanships of committees and sub-committees in the senate.  Let's get on this and demand they enforce party discipline.   Vote No on Cloture and "Off with their heads!"

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