Monday, August 24, 2009

GOP Red Herring Sale---More Fear & Terrorism

Our "friends" at the Republican National Committee have a released a document called the Seniors Bill of Rights. This document attempts to secure a political victory for themselves and their patrons by scaring the feathers off of our Senior Citizens. You can read those items on that site and come to a single conclusion. The only people talking about any of those evil things enumerated as evils to be protected against are the GOP and their Patrons, the for profit health insurance industry. They through ridiculous red herrings (that no one else has imagined, much less offered up as policy) and promise to defend against those fake stories and worries. Terrorism is defined as the use of fear to achieve political ends. These non-existent worries are offered up the GOP. They scare seniors witless and then they promise to defend against them by the keeping the status quo in place. The GOP is totally without any conscience and has no shame whatsoever. The RNC should be sent off to Guantanamo Bay to keep our seniors safe. The RNC is definitely a terrorist group.

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