Friday, August 7, 2009

We Can't be an Empire if We Keep You Healthy!

I am reading new arguments that say any significant reformation of the health care delivery system is going to require tax increases dropping down into the middle class in order fund medical care for low income people. That coupled with the bullshit about the 'death panels' that will decide which of us deserve to live and get health care and the forced euthanization of seniors and mandatory hospice care for everyone who has a medical condition more serious than influenaza are designed to frustrate any changes in the health care delivery system in the US of A. These lies are being told by the Cave Dwellers, Tea Baggers and othere assorted prevaricators in the employ and service of the obscene profit making of the health insurance industry. Remember health insurers have profits only if they (1) collect premiums, (2) invest wisely and (3) somehow limit the payouts for health care. How do they limit payouts? There are many ways. They can invoke exclusions for pre-existing conditions, faux claims of fraud when they discover that the customer didn't fully disclose that they treated for pneumonia ten years and recite the mantra that had they known that, they would never have issued the insurance policy to begin with. Some of them have annual expenditure caps..."opps we've already spent too much money on you this year" and the like.
One of the unspoken assumptions in their argument that taxes have to be increased in order to pay for a revamp of the system is that nothing else in our budget is going to be cut and that non-health care related programs such as the F-22 stealth fighter along with other Department of Defense boondoggles will be funded at the same levels as in the past. They will remind us that we still have to pay for the $2,000,000,000,000 Bush Iraqi War that was 'funded' off budget. See we also have to fix Iraq which we broke almost 7 years ago...and folks don't forget we are spending lots of dollars in Afghanistan. I am sorry folks but we cant afford to fund your health care, but just be comforted that there will be 'pie in the sky when you die' and in heaven there will be no sickness and no death.

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