Monday, August 24, 2009

Let Us Be Crystal Clear.

The current bogey-man debate over Health Care is more like a food fight than anything else. First of all let's be sure we are talking about the same thing. This debate is not about health care. Potentially we have the finest health care available anywhere at any cost. The debate is much more about how it is rationed, if you will. The current distribution system is a bottom line distribution system. It is set up based upon the insane belief that someone or something should be making a profit Those who are opposed to changes in the distribution and current system of rationing of this fundamental right are not led by stuffy Dickensian GOPers, although those fellow have signed on in that battle. People like Smiling Chuck Grassley are modern-day Hessians. They are hired guns, if you will. Smiling Chuck has taken in 2.5 million dollars from the health care and pharmaceutical industry during the last 5 years.The Blue Dogs of the Democratic Party are in the forefront of opposition too. This Battle for America is esentially being waged, directed and, more importantly, funded by those who have the most to lose by making any meaningful changes in this system of rationing. There is a precept of politics coined in the last 30 years that says it all and is just as relevant and foundational as when it was first uttered: follow the money! The health insurance industry funds 15% of the Gross Domestic Product of the the U.S. and they make a hefty profit out of it. Some $14, 000,000,000 at last count. The American People are a cash cow for the industry. What's wrong with this picture? Let me tell you what's wrong with this picture. Adequate health care is a fundamental human right. It is not something that should be designed to make money, obscene amounts of money, for the gate-keepers and the collectors of ration stamps. Simple morality demands a change in this system. It demands a change whereby delivery of health care is maximized and the evil of profit-taking is minimized. That is the main reason why a so-called public option must be included in changes in the health care delivery system. It is absolutely essential that we keep health insurers honest. Nothing short of a public option will do this.

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