Monday, August 17, 2009

Repair California!

Hendrik Hertzberg has written a compelling comment in the New Yorker Magazine calling for a Constitutional Convention in California. Such a convention would require two votes of the People in 2010. The first would authorize the electorate to call a convention, currently only the Legislature by a 2/3 vote can call one. California's Legislature can not even must a 2/3 vote to pass a budget, it is never going to call a convention. The second measure on the 2010 would actually call the convention and require that a new constitution for the Golden State be submitted to the voters at the 2012 general election. The Delegates to this convention would be chosen by lot from among the adult citizens of the state. That is an amazing concept, such delegates would not be subject to electoral pressure and would not, as Hertzberg says, be beholden to the appointing authority.
Check out Repair California's website here! It makes much more sense than the current situation in Sacramento.

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