Saturday, August 1, 2009

What is going on with the Birthers?

A new phenomenon has been created. It is the Birther 'controversy'. These folks who are part of a species of people I call the Cave Dwellers are people, who despite all contrary evidence believe that President Barack Obama is not entitled to be the President of the U. S. of A because he is not a natural born citizen of the United States as is required by Article Two of the Constitution. These crazy folks believe that he was born of a white woman from the heartland of America and a father from the African nation of Kenya in Kenya. They derive their opinion based on the 'testimony' of an elderly Kenyan woman who claims to be both his step paternal grandmother who also claims to have been present at the birth of Baby Barack in Kenya. They explain away the birth certificate that says he was born in Hawaii and the contemporaneous birth announcements published in Hawaiian newspapers as ancient conspiracies and frauds. They claim a conspiracy the state government of Hawaii's Vital Records and some sort of Muslim plot dating from 1960 to make this baby President of the United States almost fifty years after his birth. Recent polls suggest that this conspiracy theory originated and is most strongly believed in the Old South. Which gives this a decidedly racial basis in the old Confederacy. Almost 53% of good white republican folks in the old Confederate states either believe he is not a citizen but an "illegal alien" or that his 'natural born' citizenship is open to dispute. These folks are not in the reality based community (as Bill Maher calls it) but rather are truly Cave Dwellers.

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