Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blue Dogs Need Go the Way of the Passenger Pigeon.

The Blue Dog Democrats, the fiscally conservative, socially conservative inepts need to go to the way of the passenger pigeon.  They need to be extinct.  They serve no useful purpose other than for bragging rights for Democrats so they can  pretend that they control the legislative process in the Congress of the United States.
It is historical fact that the congressional democrats have been totally unable to govern this Nation since at least the time of Harry Truman and perhaps beyond that.  There seems to be no such thing as party unity or party discipline. Whipping democrats is akin to herding cats.  Will Rogers was absolutely correct when he said that he belonged to no organized political party, he was a Democrat.
I know their are ancient historical reasons for the Demoratic Party's political impotence all the way  back to Reconstruction and beyond even to the days of the evil of human slavery and its identical  horror the slaughter of the Native American Peoples, the twin foundations of Manifest Destiny.  The Congress has for decade upon decade done the bidding of the business trusts and huge corporations roundly condemned by President Theodore Roosevelt.  Nothing is going to change until we take the evils of money out of our political system, give up the insane idea that money equals speech and begin to publicly fund election campaigns.  Blue Dog Democrats either need to be democrats or get the hell out..  It is time for Americans to understand that corporations aren't entitled to representation in the Congress. "We the People" in the preamble of the Constitution means just what it says.  Take back the government of the United States! Put it back where it belongs in the hands of the People.

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