Friday, September 11, 2009

No Health Insurance for Illegal Humans?

wish someone would explain something to me. I fail to understand the holy furor over making sure illegal human beings can't buy medical insurance under any of the pending bills in Congress. It seems to me that's all we are talking about, who can buy insurance in order to provide for medical care. No one is applying for free medical care. It seems that since the Cave Dweller, Joe Wilson, shouted down the President that the Gang of Six including our own fool, Senator Bauckus, is working on a mechanism for verifying that no illegal human beings will be served. This verification system will no doubt be very expensive and probably won't even work anyway. Denial of insurance coverage to certain classes of people will have the effect that they will go to the emergency room and get the most expensive treatment available. That will (and does) cost the American taxpayer many billions of dollars each and every year. Wouldn't it be cheaper to the taxpayer to just allow everyone to purchase coverage and be done with it and eliminate the emergency room expense? Some of the Cave Dwellers are pushing another idea: eliminate the federal subsidy and payments for emergency room services and push health care providers into bankruptcy.In the event of pandemics and epidemics such as the promised H1N1 pandemic is it prudent to deny health services to anyone? Isn't that piss poor public health policy?

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