Thursday, September 10, 2009

Take It Like a Man, Mike.

The story of the sexual escapades of the former Yorba Linda Assembly member who abruptly resigned from office yesterday after a local TV station played excerpts from a tape in which the Family Values Champion bragged of his sexual exploits to another Assembly member has suddenly changed. Mike Duvall, stud extraordinaire, now says he wasn't having an affair with the lobbyist for Sempra Energy he was just guilty of "inappropriate storytelling." This is reported today in the Los Angeles Times. The self-admitted 54 year old liar, who never graduated from high school, now wants us to believe he just engaged in junior high-schoolish adolescent behavior by making up stories about the lobbyist and another woman to impress his colleague on the Assembly committee he served on. Gee whiz, Mike, is your ego bigger than your penis? Have you no shame? Can't you go quietly into the sunset and return to selling insurance? No matter which story is true, you have acted the fool. Now shut up, take your medicine, and get on with your life. Take it like a man!

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