Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Congratulations to Assemblyman Mike Duvall (now Ret).

Another failing for a leading family values campaigner who practices the Do as I say not as I Do brand of family values. Well I was concerned in reading the LA Times article that Mr. Duvall might have confessed to engaging in a menage a trois type of behavior. However I was wrong, he was a typical Cave Dweller type of alpha male engaging in serial fornicative behavior. Apparently one of his two mistresses is a lobbyist for the Sempra Energy Company ("Glad to be of Service!").
Mr. Duvall has suddenly returned to his wife and family in shame in the lovely conservative Orange County city of Yorba Linda. I bet if I looked I could see evidence of fire and brimstone to the northeast of me. Good luck to you, sir, in your new endeavors on behalf of the citizens of your former Assembly district. God bless! I am happy heterosexual marriage is safe in your embrace.

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