Thursday, September 24, 2009

Only in Orange County, California!

This morning's Orange County Register, formerly known as the Santa Ana Register carries a story about how anyone who is so inclined can purchase a mattress for $30,000 at either of the two Bloomingdale's here in Orange County.  As an aside the Register's  parent company, Freedom Communications, Inc. has recently filed a chapter 11 petition in Delaware.  You can read this faux (not Fox) article here.  I guess the Register is getting money from wherever it can find it.  I wonder what the Register charged for that 'news.'
In my view anyone who, in this day and age, is willing to spend $30,000 on mattress should be marched out to the nearest brick wall and shot dead. Don't these folks realize that the unemployment rate in California is 12.2% of the available work force, and if you counted the unemployed honestly you could add at least 170,000 of our fellow citizens to that figure?  Don't these folks realize that the economy is in the tank?  Don't they realize how many of their fellow citizens lack for medical care?   Haven't they noticed that GM which was the main beneficiary of the auto bail out of a few months ago is back at it again and pushing gas guzzling SUVs  as the solution to peoples' problems in their current advertising campaigns on television?  Don't they realize that Wall Street wunderkind are back pushing securitized ponzi schemes?

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