Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Stuff.

My friend sent me an email today, actually he forwarded me an email because it was interesting.  The author of that email herself forwarded another email in which the original sender speculated and pondered societal issues that are front and central in the opening decade of the 21st Century.  Or at least what he thought were central to to him.  He started his essay with a definition of a politician. That's what really caught my attention to the essay and caused me to read it.  His definition of  a politician was something to the effect that a 'politician is the only person who can  invent a problem and then campaign against it.'  I immediately thought of some of the election cycle campaigns of the last few election cycles in which the GOP invented serious problems in the body politic and then waged horrific campaigns against those 'serious problems.'   I am speaking of course of issues like queers wanting to marry other queers and issues like people who have a point of view about something and want to burn flags to make their point.  They then went on to propose amendments to constitutions, state and federal, to outlaw those practices--or thoughts of those practices-- and thereby save the civilized world from doom and damnation and also ensuring their own election to whatever office it was they coveted.
That author then proceeded to elaborate on that and I found his biggest issue was that he was being taxed to death.  He complained about some two hundred taxes that he had no use for, including those that brought him water, education, fire protection, police protection, sewer services, parks, recreation and all the other societal evils he was warring on.   That's when I lost interest in that "I have mine, fuck you Bozo" bullshit.   Guys like that are part of what's very wrong in America today.

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